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To join our team, Players Franchising is looking for a talented and competent logistics manager.
You will be responsible for all supply chain management activities, such as selecting carriers, investigating shipping methods, reviewing budgets, and organising storage in this position.
In order to supervise daily operations and logistics staff, the successful candidate must have a strong attention to detail. You should have extensive knowledge of logistics and inventory systems, in addition to outstanding organisational abilities.
Logistics Managers will work full-time 37.5 hours per week and earn a minim salary of £27,000-£28000 annually.

Players Franchising is looking for a well-organized warehouse manager to oversee the reception, dispatching, and storage of goods at our warehouse.
Picking, storage, receiving, dispatching, security, maintenance, cleanliness, and administrative tasks will be overseen by the warehouse manager. You will be in charge of supervising, training, evaluating, and rewarding employees. You will be responsible for the upkeep of corporate assets.
To be successful, you must be able to multitask well in a fast-paced, dynamic setting, as well as fulfil your obligations in a way that maximises earnings. Top candidates are dedicated, knowledgeable, and possess great leadership abilities.
Warehouse managers will take complete responsibility for the running of our warehouse and work full-time for 37.5 hours. They will earn a minimum annual salary of £26000-£28000 per year

Players Franchising is searching for a well-organized shipping clerk who pays close attention to detail.
The shipping clerk is in charge of entering shipping orders into the computer system, labelling things, and packaging them into shipping containers. You will also be recording order details, packing items, and monitor inventory whilst keeping the warehouse clean.
You must be able to multitask in order to succeed as a shipping clerk. A professional shipping clerk ensures that all things are properly packed, labelled and recorded in preparation for transportation. A high-school qualification or equivalent is required.
Shipping clerks will work full-time for 37.5 hours a week minimum in our warehouse. Their annual salary will be £26,000-£27000 per year

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